Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for October 23



Good morning, kittens! There’s much news to cover, so we won’t keep you with a florid and lengthy introduction. We’re still exhausted and a little verklempt after interviewing Ken Goffman yesterday.

To the links!

Our Man in Riyadh (Jacobin)

Kenny G Went to the Hong Kong Protests and Beijing Is Not Happy (Time)

Hackers, a chimp & a con man (CNBC)

Ottawa shooting: The challenge of stopping homegrown attacks (CBC) with your pull quote of the day: “We luckily don’t live in an authoritarian regime with a government that can monitor all our actions and movements and communications. It needs to have good grounds to interfere in individual lives. So that means every now and then, somebody, somewhere, somehow may slip through the cracks.”

This statistical model can predict outbreaks of violence in Liberia (Quartz)

Life Lessons from the Royal Bank of Scotland: Fink first, fink best (Dealbreaker)

Buying High: How to Get Rich on Pot Stocks (MensJournal)

UK renews SIGINT push (C4ISR)

When the Internet Sleeps (SingularityHub)

Iran Is Forcing Poor Afghans to Fight and Die in Syria (WarIsBoring)

Guns don’t scare people, hackers do: Americans fear identity theft more than shooting sprees (TheRegister)

The roots of the modern personal computer (ComputerHistoryMuseum)

Sold! Apple-1 Computer Built by Steve Wozniak Auctioned for $905,000 (NBC)

Here’s What the Next Brain Implant Will Be Made Of (DefenseOne)

Apple CEO discusses security with top Chinese official amid hacking claims: Xinhua (Reuters)

Set Cyber Zebra: Navy Shipboard Cybersecurity (BreakingDefense)

The “Soft and Chewy Centers” That Put Your Data at Risk (MIT)

Windows 0-day exploited in ongoing attacks, temporary workarounds offered (HelpNet)

Google Accounts Now Support Security Keys (Krebs)

Blackwater founder remains free, rich, while former employees take a fall on murder charges (TheIntercept)

A Note from an Intelligence Insider: Speaking Truth to Power (WarOnTheRocks)

Silicon Valley’s Cybersecurity and Spying Headaches (USNews)

Robot or Not? Army dismisses soldier-free battlefields (ArmyNews)

U.S. increases security in wake of Canada shootings, though no threats cited, presumably will invade Jordan next (ArmyTimes)

Afghan soldiers who fled for Canada due in court (NavyTimes)

Edward Snowden Should Be Charged With Murder, Says Congressman Mike Rogers (HuffPo)



Featured Image Spiders Web by Beverley Goodwin on Flickr

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