Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for October 9

Branching Out by Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P.

Branching Out by Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P.

Good morning, kittens! And how is your day progressing so far? Teeth brushed, hair (if any) combed, caffeine ingested? Excellent. You’re all ready for today’s newer, shorter, list of links. Because life is too small to link to paywalls, kittens. It just is.


Where in the world is Kim Jong-Un? (Wealth-X)

Surveillance will kill the Internet, sez Google (NationalJournal)

Hack Wall Street, get Obama’s Attention (Dealbook)

AT&T gets wrist slap for celebrity gossip extortion (NJ)

White House Cyberczar’s Q&A (NextGov)

ISIS has a third of Kobani (Reuters)

US vs ISIS means Assad can mop up the FSA without interference (NYT)

FBI tip line (plus $10 million reward money) leads to flood of tips, not unexpectedly (ABC)

Interview with the Jihadi (CBS)

Training Israeli cyberwarriors (WaPo)

So the US is all, like, China ur haXXorz suk and China is all, like, whatever skids (Reuters)

Electronic warfare drastically underfunded, according to leaked, classified Pentagon report and perfect example of what it’s talking about (BreakingDefense)

Navy pilot faces more child porn charges (AirForceTimes)

Whistleblower reveals Northrop Grumman faked GPS results to make Pentagon sales (StarsAndStripes)

Cyberspying and the digital redistribution of wealth (WarOnTheRocks)

Digital Jihad in Social Media (Spiegel)

Barclays now the Sabu of banking (Bloomberg)

The Panty-Snatcher, Cyber-Surveilled (UPI)

Hate Edward Snowden? This is your lucky day! (NXTBook)

NSA confirms authorized release of classified FBI documents, beltway swallows own tail (FAS)

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