‘The cub of Baghdadi’: ISIS reports its youngest jihadist ‘got martyred’ in battle

This is tragic. ISIS is using child soldiers as young as ten, and one of them is reported dead. No just cause invites the death of children.

National Post | News

Posting photos of a gun-toting child online, ISIS supporters announced that the group’s youngest soldier has died in combat.

Twitter accounts linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham claimed that the child soldier “got martyred” with his father while fighting for the terrorist group in Syria.

Photos posted on Twitter showed the smiling boy in military fatigues holding weapons that, at times, are almost as large as his body. British media reported that the child was roughly 10 years old.

The photos of the boy first emerged in June, said Charlie Cooper, a researcher who monitors ISIS social media for the London-based Quilliam counter-extremism think tank.

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In the past week, Mr. Cooper has noticed the hashtag “shibal_alBaghdadi” — which translates as “the cub of Baghdadi” — on Twitter accounts linked to ISIS.

While ISIS fighters commonly refer to themselves as lions of the Islamic…

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