“Pinocchio & Butcher”: Islamic State Defector Describes Torture of Cantlie/Foley; Incl. Waterboarding/Electric Shocks

More information about British-accented jihadis in Syria; apparently one of the main prisons for their captives is in central Aleppo.





British hostage John Cantlie was brutally tortured by a British jihadi in Syria whom he nicknamed ‘Pinocchio’ because he always lied, court documents reveal.

Mr Cantlie, a 43-year-old photojournalist from Surrey, is believed to be the last British hostage held by the Islamic State who is still alive.

He was captured when he went to report in Syria two years ago and has recently been forced to appear in propaganda videos for the terror group. 

Now in the most detailed account yet of the conditions of his captivity under the Islamic State, court documents reveal Mr Cantlie was:

  • Captured by an Al Qaeda-affiliated terror group that later merged with Islamic State.
  • Held with US journalist James Foley (who was later beheaded) in a cramped cell in Aleppo, Syria, where they were left starving and given dirty water to drink.
  • Badly tortured by ‘Pinocchio’ and other guards…

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