Giving Police Backdoor Access To Smartphones Is An Invitatation To Be Hacked

The Consumerist puts it in straight terms. No, locking out the FBI by using encryption doesn’t make you a pedophile, regardless of their alarmist blatherings. Don’t be scared into compliance with shadowy three-letter agencies; it’s not your job as a citizen to make it easier for them to infringe on your right to privacy.


(ianfinessey) (ianfinessey) With both Android and iOS phones making privacy updates that will make it impossible for Google or Apple to unlock a device without a user’s passcode, even with a warrant, authorities from local police to the head of the FBI to the U.S. Attorney General are saying there should be some sort of backdoor way to gain access to these devices. But what they don’t realize is that leaving in that additional point of access just makes phones more vulnerable to other forms of snooping.

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