In China, the internet of things is a social phenomenon

What would happen to the political landscape if China became king of the Internet Of Things? If your toaster oven reported to Beijing instead of to San Francisco (those are your choices, really). Would it ultimately provide an intelligence database for diplomatic or even imperial actions? Some disturbing questions, for toaster oven software.


Chinese e-commerce provider Alibaba may be popular this month because of its blockbuster IPO, but it and several other big Chinese web properties such as Baidu, Sina Weibo and Tencent are keen to expand beyond e-commerce or social networking and into the internet of things.

In conversations with companies doing business in China on the IoT front, the picture that emerged was clear. China is adapting to the internet of things like it adapted to mobile — by leapfrogging earlier infrastructure efforts and letting the consumers adopt services with rapidity not seen in the U.S.

Ayla CEO Dave Friedman, whose company provides cloud-based services for the internet of things, explained that Ayla has been investing in the Chinese market and expects the company’s revenue from the Chinese market to surpass spending from the rest of the world by 2015. “This is the year of the announcement in China, but…

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