The Strange Case of the Glitter Girl Grifter

Okay, get this: A Toronto Socialite (I know, I know! Hilarious!) befriends an Alzheimer’s victim in Florida, scams her out of $2 million or so, uses it to fly in a private jet to TORONTO (I know, right? In a world that contains both Las Vegas and Paris!) among other things. AND the grifter is the founder of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. She wasn’t cleared of charges; after the death of 92-year-old Helga Marston, the source of the funds, the prosecutors just didn’t see the point. Perhaps Ms. Marston’s heirs will find a civil court more cooperative, a la OJ.

National Post | News

After five months of public disgrace, “Glitter Girl” Nancy Tsai, the former Toronto socialite arrested in Florida in April, can reclaim her reputation as authorities say she will no longer be prosecuted for spending millions of dollars from the accounts of an elderly friend who was suffering dementia.

State prosecutors declined to file charges after the high-profile arrest of Ms. Tsai, who founded the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and grabbed attention in the 1980s as one of the glamorous “Glitter Girls” — a group of socialite women married to Toronto’s mega-rich.

File File

Police had alleged Ms. Tsai used $2,292,000 from the account of Helga Marston, 92, who was suffering dementia and has since died in an assisted living home, to buy a penthouse apartment and $302,000 to renovate it; $170,000 for a Bentley Continental GT V8 coup; and $101,200 for a 2013 Mercedes S550, an executive-level sedan. A trip on…

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