OpSafeWinter Continues: Tweetstorm Report



On Sunday, September 28 between 3-8pm EST, Anonymous’ OpSafeWinter held a Tweetstorm, a Twitter-based event designed to raise awareness among the general public. As we previously reported, OpSafeWinter is designed to support the homeless by creating an honest census of the homeless as well as an accurate and up-to-date index of resources available to them. The op also has a significant direct action component; it supports both ongoing and event-specific food and clothing drives such as The Jedi Knight‘s initiative to encourage all participants in the November 5 Million Mask March to bring a sandwich and a drink to the event.

A Tweetstorm is usually planned well in advance, announced on Pastebin with full instructions, with a set start time and often a set close, to concentrate the maximum density of tweets per minute and force the hashtag, in this case #OpSafeWinter, to the top of the Trending list. Participants are told to copy and paste tweets to their own status, rather than rt, since rts are not counted towards the trending status but apparently-original ones are. In this case, the pastebin gave participants these tweets to choose from (although as always allowing original tweets as well, as long as they contained the hashtag):

#OpSafewinter is re-engaged! Follow @OPSafeWinter for updates & ways you can change a life in 2014. http://pastebin.com/7M8xe7Br

Be the change you wish to see in the world!Join #OpSafewinter and save lives in 2014

Fight the power! Did you know that some cities made feeding the homeless a crime? Lets bring back humanity. #OpSafewinter

We’re all just1 major financial crisis away from being #homeless It can happen to anyone. Help us help the homeless.

Every day, more of our brothers &sisters are made homeless by the greed machine. Save the world, one person at a time. #OpSafewinter

Join #OpSafeWinter! Visit https://opsafewinter.org list your city, get info & get in touch. @OpSafewinter

#OpSafeWinter >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_Cy6crnFwM&feature=youtu.be

We do what we must because we can #OpSafeWinter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSN1eHKRTOE … >>> http://pastebin.com/7M8xe7Br

Do something amazing this winter!!!!
https://t.co/MmAzF3i5wx http://t.co/fM9oLY19lT

We told you to expect us #OpSafeWinter https://thecryptosphere.com/2014/09/26/anonymous-re-launches-opsafewinter-for-the-homeless/ … pic.twitter.com/Z8l4IJ5zlr http://bit.ly/1CwaUjt

Overcoming #poverty is not a gesture of charity, It is an act of #justice” #NelsonMandela #OpSafeWinter

I learned to give
Not because I have much
But because I know exactly
How it feels to have nothing #OpSafeWinter http://t.co/2qA3grLEDG

Loving the snow.

The relaunch of the Op last week had caused a lot of buzz on Twitter, and publicity efforts on behalf of the relaunch and the tweetstorm were successful at causing a smoothly-upward trend in mentions of OpSafeWinter up to the tweetstorm. It was boosted farther by being the topic of the Sunday AnonUKEire radio show on Spreaker.

[audio http://api.spreaker.com/download/episode/5017834/t0pg3arliv3_sunday_well_because.mp3]

According to analytics site Topsy, the hashtag has been tweeted 3,227 times since September 1, with 1336 taking place over the past four days. The Facebook page has over 1,000 likes and multiple local pages and groups exist as well. OpSafeWinterItaly, for instance, has 871 likes. The main Twitter account, @OpSafeWinter, currently boasts 1935 followers.

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