Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for September 30

rainbow roof

rainbow roof

Welcome to Tuesday! While you were asleep a great number of very interesting things happened. And here they all are!

US attacks foreigners: FBI warns of a retaliatory flood of hacktivism (but wait, I thought Anonymous was anti-ISIS? Could this be a triple bluff?) (PublicIntelligence)

How the US concocted a Terror Threat and the mainstream media went along (DemocracyNow)

Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution protests explained (Guardian)

The NSA’s Strategic Mission List, in scannable format at last (Electrospaces)

Americans don’t believe the rich are as rich as they are (HarvardBusinessReview)

When your vendor loses his password: 324 restaurants get breached (Sophos)

Ferguson tries to shut down press inquiries with ridiculously inflated fees (AP)

This site tracks the guns going into Syria (DefenseOne)

How much does it cost to fight ISIL? (Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments)

Ex-FBI agent headed to trial in Afghan scheme involving former soldiers (MilitaryTimes)

The Crime-as-a-Service business model (HelpNetSecurity)

Kenyan court case could sound death knell for mobile money (TheRegister)

Inside the Army’s Cyber Center of Excellence (C4ISRNET)

We Take Your Privacy and Security. Seriously. (Krebs)

Who’s the Alpha dog of Alpha in hedgefundlandia? (Dealbreaker)

The military is the WORST option to fight Ebola (WarisBoring)

10 most pirated movies of last week (Torrentfreak)

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