August 2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics

The data clearly indicates that hacktivists are disproportionally targeted by Law Enforcement, while actual cyber crime is comparatively left alone.

It’s time to aggregate the stats of the August Cyber Attacks Timelines (Part I and Part II).

As usual, let us start from the Daily Trend of Attacks, which shows quite a heterogeneous trend with two peaks around the 18 and 21 August. Despite the summer, the overall level of attacks has been quite high throughout the month.

Daily Trends of Attacks August 2014

The Motivations Behind Attacks chart confirms Cyber Crime at number one, substantially in line with the previous month (56.3%). Hacktivism ranks at number two with 28.2% (was 23% in July), while the Cyber Espionage operations keep on occupying an important role. Even if the  reported 14.1% shows a decrease compared with the 18% of July, the value is similarly noticeable. A sign that the influence of targeted attacks in the news is still strong (in wake of the multiple attacks caused by financial malware).

Motivations Behind Attacks 2014

The Distribution Of Attack Techniques

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