Interwebbed: Top Crypto and Cyber #News for September 22

Connecting Rod by Daniel Go on Flickr

Connecting Rod by Daniel Go on Flickr

Welcome back to the work week, kittens! The Cryptosphere is in recovery from the Cryptoflu, undoubtably a bioengineered virus deployed by a jealous competing website. At least, that’s what my PR tells me to say if the New York Times calls.

Lots to catch up on after a busy weekend of leaks, noodz, hacks, and giant international corporations pretending to be the good guy all of a sudden. Pour yourself a cup of something stimulating (making sure to shun that mysterious parcel delivery of “tonics 4 helth from ur fanz @ INTERNET which was surely my mistake) and enjoy!

Home Depot is clean as a whistle! Sez Home Depot (HelpNetSecurity)

Two recent mutinies in the US Army Reserves (WarIsBoring)

10 horrifying technologies that should never be allowed to exist (IEEE)

Dotcom down in flames. No not a repeat from 1995 (TheRegister)

Did Goldman Sachs take the country of Libya for a ride? (FT)

FBI vs TOR and VPNs: FBI takes this round (HackRead)

Internet trolls, dissected (PsychologyToday)

Today’s “Sounds like a joke” headline: Judge OKs Serving Legal Papers Via Facebook (NYPost)

Mission Accomplished: Nutbar defects to North Korea, tears up his visa, in attempt to become famous (Guardian)

License plate scanners can track individuals and patterns across LA (AP)

Birds Above, Data Below: Where the U.S. Internet Meets China’s (WSJ)

If I’m reading this right, Tony Blair just called for the eradication of Islam (Guardian)

What good is encryption if you have to turn over your key? Cloudflare moves on (Cloudflare)

Everything you need to know about the CIA torture report in under 4 minutes (AnonymissExpress)


Featured Image Connecting Rod by Daniel Go on Flickr

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