Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News Roundup for Tuesday, August 26

telegraph pole

telegraph pole

We’ve got a massive roundup for you today, but don’t worry: there will not, repeat NOT, be a quiz later. Which is a good thing because I don’t have time to write one!

To the news!!!

Amateur detective tracks down Kijiji scammer (VancouverSun)

Adult Women Now the Largest Demographic in Gaming (DailyDot)

The Surveillance Engine: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google (TheIntercept)

The Internet’s Original Sin (TheAtlantic)

Meet Truthy, the Twitter Analysis Engine (

Google Protects Chilling Effects from Takedown Notices (TorrentFreak)

What Happens When You Put an Imprisoned Hacker into a Prison IT Class (CNET)

Download o’ the Day: Employing a social media monitoring tool as an OSINT platform for Intelligence, Defence & Security (Eurosint) (PDF)

Five reasons why an expanded mission to strike James Foley’s killers in Syria won’t work – and why it’s going to happen anyway (FP)

Grand Mufti: IS is Islam’s ‘enemy No. 1’ (Saudi Gazette)

Eyeless in Gaza: Are We Blind to the Realities of War? (WarOnTheRocks)

Study Finds Glaring Vulnerabilities In TSA’s Controversial Full-Body Scanners (HSToday)

Hedge Funds Sue to Get Argentine Bond Payment in London (DealbookNYT)

British man fined for fake kidnapping claim so he could stay out partying (NYDailyNews)

Airport security is so trying people are taking the bus instead (NYT)

Charges: Geriatric poker foursome cheated casino (WPTV)

Why Amazon Is Paying $1 Billion to Help People Watch Video Games (Bloomberg)



Featured image via utahca on Flickr

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