Marchers remember 1974 Anicinabe Park Occupation

Do YOU remember? Have you even heard about it? Watch and learn. Here is some background on the Occupation:

The commemoration of the armed standoff to secure government action on the injustices, neglect and abuses facing aboriginal people attracted a gathering of surviving veterans, family members and supporters who took part in the three-day program of events and activities at the park and other locations in Kenora, Aug. 22 – 24.

Lynn Skead, who was apart of the occupation 40 years ago, was present at Friday’s march.

“For me, it’s my full circle moment. I’ve never gone back to Anicinabe Park when I left it 40 years ago, so it’ll be my first time back in there too,” Skead said before the march. “We were there for a youth conference at that time and then on the last day (Sunday) everybody who wanted to stay there was told they could, but it was going to be an armed occupation at that time. So, I think a lot of people stayed and that’s when the barbed wire and barricades came up.”


Cameron regards the weekend as a learning experience for people to remember what those young men and women were trying to accomplish.

“It’s very important (to remember what happened 40 years ago) because from what I’ve learned talking with the elders and vets that have been apart of the Anicinabe Park (Occupation) is the significant changes that happened in Kenora and across the country in terms of policing,” she said. “We feel that even aboriginal policing like the Treaty Three Police was sort of born out of the need to have our own people policing our own people.

“It’s just a lot of history that took place 40 years ago and what they were standing for. Some of those issues back then such as housing, youth suicide, and economic development in our communities are still in communities today, so we had this discussion this weekend.”

Warrior Publications

Kenora Online, Published on Aug 22, 2014

On the 40th anniversary of the Anicinabe Park uprising in Kenora, Lorraine Major and Roslyn Kelly offer their thoughts.

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