#OpFerguson and #UGNazi in conversation: exclusive interviews

Officer Go Fuck Yourself

Officer Go Fuck Yourself

The Anonymous Justice Operation OpFerguson came together and gelled in the time Michael Brown’s body was still lying on the ground after his shooting at the hands of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Since that time the Twitter account has been one of the central points for information about the events in Ferguson: both the killing of Mike Brown and the police attacks on protesters and journalists since then. It’s also been a source for the personal information (dox) of the police chief, Darren Wilson, Ray Albers the “Go fuck yourself” cop, and the mayor, as well as the manufacturer of the tear gas used against the protesters and press in Ferguson. The tear gas producers hastily locked down their previously-public Twitter account in response, not trusting to their own product to be a deterrent.

After a complaint from the ACLU for pointing a gun at journalists, threatening them, and refusing to identify himself when asked, Albers has been indefinitely removed from duty in the Missouri State Highway Patrol. For, you know, basically being as far from community policing’s “Officer Friendly” as it is possible to be.

As we reported yesterday, hacker crew UGNazi resurrected itself from the ashes of its 2012 dissolution (when prominent member CosmoTheGod was arrested and sentenced for hacking) and has thrown itself into the battle, tackling Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, releasing his SSN number, personal email and password, address, phone number, and the mortifying information that his online handle is “dumpsterdynasty.” Now they’re going after more targets, and if past success are any indication of the immediate future, it’s about to get very, very uncomfortable for a few people in Missouri and elsewhere.

Yesterday they released Nixon’s dox, which was retweeted by YourAnonNews. YAN, one of the largest activist accounts on Twitter, was promptly suspended for several hours until it could work out some peace with the Powers That Be at Twitter. YourUGNaziNews, however, was not.

We spoke to the person behind the YourUGNaziNews account via DM on Twitter for a brief interview. Nothing is certain in the Cryptosphere until you’ve been v& and the court records pasted on Scribd, but from what I’ve read here and what I remember from previous dealings with UGNazi, my money says whoever is behind this account is OG UGNazi, not a fake. We certainly know they can get what they go after, and quickly, without apparently paying the price for it.

The Cryptosphere: How do I know you’re real UGNazi? Who are you?
YourUGNaziNews's avatar

Alias is DeMoN aka DeMoNTheGod. And osama [an original UGNazi member] is back.

Was DeMoN in UGNazi back when it started?

Yes sir. We both were. And Cosmo messaged us to take over.

Say hi to Cosmo for me.
Did you release the Nixon dox first or did YAN?

We did. He copied and paste my Nixon dox.

What’s next for UGNazi?

We are going to shutdown the phone servers and dox the officer that said “I’ll bust your ass.” [note this latter goal is already accomplished]

You’ve been very busy today.

Lol yeah [the Nixon dox] was me and no problem. I was busy. Just keep watching my tweets :)


The Ray Albers dox is here, and it includes his credit report. Never let it be said they’re not thorough.



We spoke to OpFerguson a week after our first interview to see what has evolved since the attention of the world has been turned to Ferguson. Anonymous has called for a national Day of Rage this Thursday, August 21. Here, thanks to an Department of Homeland Security memo, is the entire roundup of scheduled protests:



Greetings citizens of the United States.

We are Anonymous.

In recent light of the situation in Ferguson Missouri, where the people’s right to protest has been usurped by an illegal curfew and the deployment of the national guard, we’re committed to stand hand in hand with the people in Ferguson, where peaceful protesters have been arrested, journalists threatened and the right to protest criminalized. Using jammers to disrupt communication of livestreamers, letting plumb rule the streets like dictators in the middle east to hurt people, no-fly zone: in a word “a military force” will not ensure peace and justice in Ferguson.

Jay Nixon, this is not democracy, this may be your right but not your right to fight us and that’s what why the dosage of online and offline protest will continue, and even grow. By now you have most likely experienced the helplessness as a governor. Your efforts to pervert the law, to censor the truth will continue to fail at great cost to you just as your attempts to paint our peaceful demonstrations as riots. The internet certainly will help the citizens to protect themselves from any attack by your militarized police.

Social media has changed the rules of your game. That’s why we call the people, on you; students, activists, parents, the youth and the wise, people from different backgrounds to protest peacefully with Ferguson this weekend, in order to achieve this goal our collective will be ready to assist you in reaching this goal.

To the people of the United States, its time to wake up, not to sleep. Your constitutional rights as a citizen have been usurped. People have the right to protest, and that right has been consistently disrupted not by the protesters in Ferguson – but by the militarized police force.

Our campaign has been one of constant success, we have been able to weaponized social media so far to force mainstream media outlets to cover the case. We advise everyone to join us on twitter, other social networks and the internet because the revolution of our conscience will not be televised.


The Cryptosphere: TheAnonMessage is still suspended from Twitter for publishing the faildox, the wrong address for the mayor of Ferguson and the wrong identity of Mike Brown’s shooter.

OpFerguson: As we have stated publicly many times, we will not be commenting in any way on individual Anons as regards Op Ferguson. As we have also stated, we did not release the “fail dox” and we know nothing about it. We can not speak to what certain factions within Anonymous may be debating. Op Ferguson did not release the faulty info, and there was no debate within the Op whatsoever in that regard.

How many people are working on the Op right now? Core team, remote operants, retweeters and supporters, etc.

There remains a core team of perhaps a half dozen. As for globally, that is impossible to quantify – but the Op has galvanized Anons from Bahrain and Palestine to South America and Canada – so I would guess it’s tens of thousands of folks helping out within the global collective at this point.

Is Op Ferguson working directly with any other groups like Code Pink?

Not at the moment, no. As we have stated many times before – all groups whether within the global collective of Anonymous or independent like UGNazi or Turkey’s Red Hack – are assisting Op Ferguson in a completely autonomous fashion. There is no grand conspiracy, chain of command – or attempt to coordinate actions. Everyone does their thing and it simply meshes together seamlessly into one mailed fist of resistance.

What’s your opinion of the various police forces in Ferguson right now? Are some better than others?

The purpose of all the security forces and military now occupying Ferguson is oppression. So it’s safe to say our opinion of them is no different than our opinion of Mubarak’s security forces or those of the former dictator of Tunisia Bin Ali.

Have the goals changed at all since the beginning? What are they?

The “goal” of this Op has and will remain the same. To support and defend the protesters in Ferguson and those in solidarity with Ferguson any where in the world. That was our goal when the Op started on the 9th with 200 protesters and it remains the goal now that the protests are global. Any demands put forth by Anonymous are directly linked to that purpose of keeping those protesters safe from harm and free to exercise their voices.

YOURS  –  Anonymous


Featured Image of Officer Ray Albers via Salon on Twitter

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