Interwebbed: Crypto and Cyber News for Thursday

Ferguson Cop firing flashbombs or some goddam thing

Ferguson Cop firing flashbombs or some goddam thing

We might as well make Ferguson its own column here, as half the daily links seem to be Fergified. Mind you, if they keep arresting the reporters, there will soon be less Ferguson news.

Police Officer to Media in Ferguson: ‘I Will F*cking Kill You’ (Mashable)

Ferguson Officer Go Fuck Yourself now has his own [parody] Twitter account (Twitter)

Infrastructure Hacking, Target: Traffic Lights (MIT)

A future dictator’s guide to disrupting protests (BoingBoing)

Flashback time: counterfeiting actual cash (Krebs)

Did Goldman Sachs make off with Libya’s money? (Reuters)

Back to school cybersecurity tips (PCMag)

Tracking cross-border weapons trade via YouTube (ICIJ)

Did leveraged trading really cause the Bitcoin flash crashes? (Coindesk)

Why the National Post can’t report from Matt DeHart’s refugee proceedings (NaPo)

Money And Power: The Real Reason For The NSA Spying On Everyone (TechDirt)

“TorrentLocker” Malware combines CryptoLocker, CryptoWall using BitTorrent keys in Windows Registry, for ransom (Techworm)

Crypto will not protect you against spooks on Fedbook (TheRegister)

Princeton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy (TPM)

Message from the parents of Matt DeHart:


Image via Antonio French on Twitter

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