The Return of UGNazi: Doxing the Governor of Missouri



They’re BACK!

UGNazi was, in 2012 a seemingly-invincible hacking crew with heavy trollish leanings (as you can tell from the nomenclature and the icon) once made up of JoshTheGod, CosmoTheGod, and Mr0sama. Their attacks targeted organizations and government departments which supported internet-throttling anti-piracy legislation SOPA and CISPA: the NASDAQ,,, 4chan, and the Westboro Baptist Church.

It has been largely inactive since the 2012 arrest of key member Cosmo, who famously hacked Mat Honan, a writer at Wired.

Yeah, looks like they’re back. Presumably without Cosmo, whose parole restrictions prevent him from unsupervised internet activity until he reaches his majority. In fact, it’s not at all clear whether this is the real UGNazi or just someone conveniently using the account to dump contentious material into Twitter and leverage a celebrity hacker crew name.

Whoever controls the account, UGNazi acted in allegiance with OpFerguson, targeting Missouri governor Jay Nixon, doxing him quite thoroughly, and uploading a presumably Photoshopped low-res image of his Social Security Card. The Twitter account YourAnonNews, one of the largest activist accounts in the world, was suspended today for tweeting the link to the dox.

The UGNazi account which tweeted the links, however, was not suspended.

“Pizza-ing” is an old 4chan and Anonymous trick, wherein one sends a vast stack of pizzas to the victim’s house; in one fell swoop it demonstrates to the target that they know where he lives and that they are going to toy with him. In advanced cases, the pizza that shows up has been prepaid with the target’s own credit card. Hacker Chet Uber informs me that pizza-ing has been around “since Nixon’s election” but since I was not allowed out after 7pm during the Watergate era, I have been unable to confirm.

And typically when the world of trolls encounters Anonymous, there was chaos.

There is no evidence of defacement at this time. Rustle League are even bigger trolls than UGNazi, but officially disbanded some months ago. They have in the past successfully seized control of the YAN account and posted Goatse (don’t ask if you don’t know and whatever you do, don’t google it) from the account in order to get it suspended.


Seriously though, Governor. “dumpsterdynasty”??? What were you thinking?


Featured Image UGNazi via Twitter

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  1. Whoever did it deserves props,but I don’t agree hiding under someone’s umbrella to avoid oncoming rain



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