Big Brother, Little Sister: #OpFerguson in Images

Ferguson Police Killed My Son

Ferguson Police Killed My Son

Mike Brown

Mike Brown

Since the Saturday shooting of unarmed teenager Mike Brown at the hands of an as-yet-unnamed Ferguson police officer, operatives within Anonymous have been working to bring what they see as justice to Ferguson and its citizens. And, not incidentally, its police force.

As we reported yesterday in an exclusive interview with OpFerguson members and an OpFerguson overview, tactics included an Email Bomb, an attack which took the city website offline for several hours, a vast Tweetstorm using the hashtags #OpFerguson and #Ferguson which was in parallel with and taken up by non-Anon citizens, a mini-dox of police chief Jon Belmar, and a concerted effort to ensure media would be in attendance, acting as Little Sister to keep an eye on the police force Big Brother. Along with Anonymous, of course.

This is a collection of the most powerful images and tweets from Ferguson over the past three days. Top accounts to follow for news include OpFerguson, of course, but also Alderman Antonio French, TefPoe, and TheAnonMessage.

Tempers ran high, and so did the racist blame-laying; even the editor of this website received racist comments via private messages on Facebook. Many people seem to believe that black people getting uppity, and not the shooting of Mike Brown, is the real problem here.

Some things don't change

Some things don’t change

Some people flipped the racism on its head:

From the Department of Will Not End Well:

and indeed it did not, at least from the perspective of the Chief:

The police had said they would release the name of the officer who shot Brown; Today they apparently decided not to.

Many young men greeted the police by putting their hands in the air, referencing Brown’s position when he was shot.

Freedom of the press includes the freedom to be shot and gassed by the police in Ferguson:

The Huffington Post has a collection of tweets by journalists threatened by police during the Ferguson demonstrations.

Beanbag rounds and rubber bullets are so 2011; nowadays it’s all about the solid wooden blocks fired at protestors and press:


Stay tuned.



Featured image via Twitter

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  1. Anonymous is a voice for those who cannot speak, the eyes of all of us, and you all ROCK!



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