Interwebbed: Top Crypto and Cyber Headlines Worldwide


Sunrise in Dew Drops by Matthew Paulson

Sunrise in Dew Drops by Matthew Paulson

Yesterday, thanks to interviews and articles about OpFerguson, we had our second-busiest day and entirely forgot to do our cryptocurrency price roundup; in return, we promise to take a look at the effect of Anonymous operations on cryptocurrency prices. When we get time.

Meanwhile, to the headlines!

Quarantine for Cyberbullies: The Latest Strategy in the Fight Against Offensive Social Media Content (MIT)

“Facebook color changer” app leads to malware, account hijacking (HelpNetSecurity)

Statement by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on the Passing of Robin Williams  (DoD)

The Arms Industry Is Ripe Pickings for Hackers (WarIsBoring)

Why hasn’t Russia unleashed a cyber attack on Ukraine? (CBS)

Navy Chief Says the Future of War Lies in ‘Information Dominance’ (DefenseOne)

FBI: Americans fighting in Syria hard to track (AP)

FBI Informant Led Cyber Attacks On Turkey Govt (TMCNews)

Yes, Hackers Could Build an iPhone Botnet—Thanks to Windows (Wired)

DHS contractor suffers major computer breach, officials say (WaPo)


Featured Image Sunrise in Dew Drops by Matthew Paulson on Flickr

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