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why knot?

why knot?

It’s a busy, busy week in the Cryptosphere, kittens, so we’ll keep it short, sweet, and cyber. Besides, we’re trying to pretend we’re at Defcon like all the kool kidz.

You too, eh?

Rendition in the First Person: a child prisoner’s tale (Gawker)

White Hats open up the CryptoLocker for free (ArsTechnica)

13 journalists killed in Gaza (ReportersWithoutBorders)

Jeremy Hammond has no regrets (AlJazeera)

YOU are one of the things on the Internet of Things (WolfStreet)

Defcon is on (Defcon Hacking Conference)

The Morning After pill for malware attacks (HSToday)

Snowden 2.0: a new mole in the NSA (CNN)

Vietnam Flashback: Turning sub-hunters into attack craft (WarIsBoring)

AppRiver global security report (AppRiver)


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