Crypto Currently: Prices for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Defcoin



Defcon, pretty much the biggest deal in the Hacker Con World, has its own cryptocurrency.

Of course it does.

Defcoin, tagline “Most of us are not that evil,” is launching this week at the famed Defcon 22 conference in Las Vegas, which I am missing because I am too busy writing link roundups for you people I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY!

Not only are the people behind Defcoin into crypto and cyber-stuff by definition, they’re also apparently into do-goodery. Check it out!

Sweet! Hacktivism active on multiple levels of awesome.

And now, to today’s prices:

Bitcoin: $589.40000014 and down again significantly from yesterday.

Litecoin: $6.90000000 and down again. Remember the heady days of, like, two weeks ago?

Dogecoin: $0.00017501

Defcoin: Priceless. As in it hasn’t started to trade yet. But still, priceless.


All prices via Cryptsy.

Featured image via Defcoin on Twitter

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