Cool Covid-19 Initiative: Lifeline Tablets

A cool initiative to help Covid patients stay connected to their loved ones while in quarantine. Like, share, donate, support!


Well friends, we are deep into the Second Wave here in North America, and thus we’ve dusted off the ol’ website to bring you the news you need in These Trying Times.

From the Department of Yes, Good News Still Exists comes Lifeline Tablets in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their mission is to support and enable interpersonal connectedness for Covid-19 patients in quarantine. They do this by donating tablets to them, and yes, you can help. Sure, hospitals may have wifi these days, but they don’t have devices for the patients to use, and they no longer have those (ridiculously expensive) bedside tvs and telephones, so someone in the hospital or at home without a device is truly cut off from everything and everyone.

The idea for Lifeline Tablets resulted from reading heartbreaking news stories about COVID-19 patients, isolated in hospitals from their families and friends, unable to communicate with…

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