Trump’s EO on Social Media Leaked

Yeah, so, that happened. You can now read all six pages, which is more than Trump’s ever read in his life.


Occasionally in this lockdown we bestir ourselves to do something other than Victory gardening, mask sewing, and delivering food to shut ins. Things like publishing THIS.

This is just a draft but you know Emperor Cheetolini: he’s not about to red-crayon what his handlers hand him. Do you think he’s ever read six consecutive pages in his life?

Anyway, here’s the draft of Trump’s executive order on social media, which is the direct result of Twitter labeling one of his lies a “non-fact” yesterday. Which, of course, it was.

You may now read the entire thing, which is more than the President of the United States will ever do.

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  1. (i) monitoring or creating watch-lists of users based on their interactions with content or users (e.g., likes, follows, time spent); and
    (ii) monitoring users based on their activity off the platform

    welcome to the police state.


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