Barrett Brown on Intellectual Dishonesty, Excuses, and Knowing What the Hell You’re Getting Yourself Into in Activism

Another great essay from Barrett Brown, calling out those in the movement who long ago folded, but are pretending they’re still in the game.

The Pursuance Project

As posted previously on Facebook:

Men who obtain power by stirring up hatred against racial and religious minorities are the enemy. Anyone who supports such men are also the enemy, regardless of whether you’ve also done important work in the past, and regardless of whether you’ve been oppressed by other powerful men.

I know of no serious revolutionary movement that has made allowances for one’s personal well-being and accepted such a thing as an excuse for lying to supporters and cooperating with a despicable regime. Nonetheless, I’ve been approached over and over again with that very excuse vis-a-vis Assange, including by some of his close allies.

That this particular revolutionary movement is largely a matter of information warfare, espionage against the state, and the like, doesn’t change the fact that a certain degree of discipline and self-sacrifice is necessary to any successful struggle against powerful entities. If people aren’t…

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  1. brohame
    /r/anonymous moderator here (the one that raincoaster interviewed twice, sorry about that)
    If you come to the reddit page, the three active moderators recently (several months ago, cuz we got jobs and shit) had a rather enlightening arguement with Mr. Brown. I myself was surprised when I found the motivation to not use my normal vitriol.
    Point is, his remarks on reddit about how he has no remorse about “using” anonymous to further his own ends and in fact plans to create his own anonymous are rather disturbing.
    While Mr. Brown is not inherently a terrible person and no one can say that his intentions are evil, he highlights an overarching problem that I personally only recently understand enough to give words to it:
    Ideologues and highly charismatic people are fucking cancer to modern activism.
    It may not always be true, but in this case it most definitely is.
    If hiveminds like anonymous are to survive, they must stop allowing anything but rational discussion, sound tactical planning and brutal hilarious destruction to those we set our sights upon. In turn, we must be absolute fiery anathema to all conspiracy theories, loons, angry young children, and useless opinions attached to con men.
    In essence, we need to burn down Anonymous to rebuild it.
    Until we reform ourselves to something even approaching this:
    -People like Paul fetch and Deric Lostutter will continue to distract us
    -misguided baby boomers and the scizophrenic will demand we be some binary army to fight their delusions
    -Governments, well-heeled cults, and the elite will infiltrate us
    -Anonymous will continue to be the laughingstock of the internet, which it has been since 2013
    -Those amongst us who try to act as a counter to the nonsense will die in obscurity (RIP ACKFLAGS)
    -People like Barrett Brown will never learn why they are wrong.
    I personally am done expecting people to heed my words and will be taking action on my own.
    Don’t worry, I got debt to pay, so nothing illegal, but Anonymous must purge itself, before it can be helpful to anyone else.
    Anyone who wishes to join me, you can start by being as mean and rude as possible to the retards who worship Anonymous as gods.
    This idea must be ruined.
    FML I didn’t want to make a manifesto and now I’m deerwalking off the shitter.
    Keep up the good work, rain.


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