Press Release: Swiss Domain Registry Switch threatening to disable

Stunning development with the WikiLeaks site. Will Switzerland disable the domain?

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Statement from The Swiss Pirate Party in English, German and French. It also doubles as an open letter to Wikileaks and their team.

F o r   i m m e d i a t e   r e l e a s e – April 18th 2017


Swiss Domain Registry Switch threatening to disable

The Pirate Party of Switzerland owns the domain This site is not operated by the Pirates, but rather directs to the servers of Last Friday the Pirate Party of Switzerland informed theWikileaks team that the Swiss domain registry Switch had detected malware under that domain and was threating to disable it. Wikileaks has not yet reacted to that message.

Contrary to the information provided by Switch, no drive-by infection is present on A drive-by can infect a computer even when the URL is…

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