Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Jan 20

Publish via Tumblr

Publish via Tumblr

Happy mid-January, kittens! We’ve been away sampling the delights of a winter in the mountains, but now we’re back at the keyboard and raring to go. So, let’s.

How The $100B Census Retail Data Mistake Was Discovered (Pymnts)

Cyberwar: Will you know it if you see it? (C4ISR)

 Freedom technologists and the future of global justice (Roar)

Casino operator sues Trustwave for failing to spot and stop hackers (HelpNet)

The Pentagon Says Islamic State Body Counts Aren’t Important (WarIsBoring)

The US Intelligence Community Wants Disruptive Change as Long as It’s Not Disruptive (WarOnTheRocks)

Islamic State Cuts Wages For Members in Iraq and Syria by Half (Gawker)

As easy as 123456: the 25 worst passwords revealed (Guardian)

Isis Inc: how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists (FT)

What ISIS Really Wants (TheAtlantic)

Creepy gallery o’ the Day: Interiors of the Costa Concordia (Imgur)

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