#Kitteh Emergency! Cheetah on the loose in the Kootenays (yes, Canada)

Ah, the great Canuckistan Cheetah, fabled hunter of the Kootenay mountain range of BC. It seems like forever since there’s been a sighting…because it has been!

While the gorgeous cats, fastest sprinters on the planet, have been domesticated for over a thousand years as hunters, they are still not the cosy house kittehs we’re used to, and bystanders are warned to keep clear. And call the Mounties.

They may always get their man, but they’re gonna need faster horses for this job.

Creston RCMP are asking the public to be on the lookout after residents in the Kootenays spotted an adult cheetah on Thursday.

Source: Cheetah on the loose in the Kootenays

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