Interwebbed Cyber & Crypto News for Nov 18

Putin calls the Security Council to order via Griffin Boyce on Facebook

Putin calls the Security Council to order via Griffin Boyce on Facebook

Dude, you’re gonna need a bigger spell.

Seriously, who among us thinks this is exactly the way the UN Security Council is run? Have you seen those decisions: a wonky 20-sided die had to be involved at some point.

As tensions across Europe and the MENA region continue to intensify, as xenophobics everywhere get out their dancing shoes, as ISIS keeps on keepin’ on and Anonymous keeps on Tangodowning their accounts, we’ve got some nice soothing headlines to distract you.

There, there. It’ll be alright. Or, if it won’t, you’ll probably have a quick and painless death since … nukes.


Cats break through G20 security, infiltrate meeting in Turkey (Straight) Damned cativists! “A cat named Isis once helped to sabotage a nuclear warhead on Star Trek. Coincidence?” Whoa, mind=blown!

Tired With Slow WiFi? Your Good Old FM Is Here To Help You (Fossbytes)

Why it matters that you realize you’re in a computer simulation (IEEE)

The Internet of Things and the return of 8-bit computing (ZDNet)

This is what an Anonymous pentest of an ISIS website looks like (Pastebin)

ISIS calls Anonymous “idiots,” issues 5 lame tips for its members to avoid getting hacked (HackerNews)

Anonymous is crowdsourcing #OpParis, publishes ‘noob guide’ to hacking (TheNextWeb)

Gene Amdahl, Pioneer of Mainframe Computing, Dies at 92 (NYT)

Forensic Pseudoscience: The Unheralded Crisis of Criminal Justice (BostonReview)

Are you smarter than a presidential candidate? (MarketWatch)

Gamergate Trolls Photoshop Canadian Sikh Man to Frame Him as Suicide Bomber (Gawker)

The venerable Conficker worm is back – and it’s infecting police body cams (Register)

FCC: Yes, you’re allowed to hack your WiFi router (Engadget)

U.S. Mass Surveillance Has No Record of Thwarting Large Terror Attacks, Regardless of Snowden Leaks (UnofficialSources)

Google Fortunetelling (Google)

Enough with the Cyberspeak! (C4ISR)

The long and peculiar history of the designer human, from Plato’s citizen breeders to Nobel sperm banks and beyond (Aeon)

Five hacks that will affect your life in 2016 (HelpNet)

According to Ghost Security Group, ISIL Militants Linked To France Terrorist attacks Had A Bitcoin Address with 3 Million Dollars (NewsBTC) although Ghostsec disputes this

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  1. I’m not a computer person, my energy crashes them, I was told by Harry the Hat in vegas.
    I miss him, he’s so cool.
    I thank and support all that you do.


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