Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Oct 6

Laserkid via Pixelfucks in GifPorn on Facebook

Laserkid via Pixelfucks in GifPorn on Facebook

Two days into the week and already I’m dreaming of being rescued by Laser Girl here. You can tell she’s badass by the rollerskates. Badasses love rollerskates. FACT.

Until she skates into each of our lives, we have the soothing consolations of straight espresso and gifs. Hard “G.”


Look for Hospitals as Targets.’ The historical record suggests that the US bombing of an Afghan hospital may not have been an accident. (TheNation)

High-Res “Moon Landing” pictures (Blackbag)

Drone Flies Over NSA Complex in Germany, Dropping Leaflets (TheIntercept)

“Accio Turntable!” Sound mixer lets you re-create Hogwarts (Ambient-Mixer)

Correction of the Day (Twitter)

11 famous hackers and their handles (ITWorld)

The dangerous game of reporting on government spying operations (CJR)

iOS malware YiSpecter: iPhones menaced by software nasty: World where only jailbroken iThings were vulnerable is ‘thing of the past’ (TheRegister)

From the Department of Oh God I Just Spammed All My Contacts: LinkedIn set to pay $13 million compensation over its email persistence (NakedSecurity)

Hey, Remember How Net Neutrality Was Supposed To Destroy The Internet? (TechDirt)


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