New Westminster Police issue public notification for Kayla Bourque

Well, this should end well. The woman has expressed no remorse, quite the contrary, and been vocal about her future ambitions regarding violence. I’m quite certain we will be hearing more about her soonish.

Global News

The Ministry of Justice has issued a public notification that Kayla Bourque, a high-risk offender known for killing two family pets, has been released from custody and plans to live in New Westminster.

“The Ministry of Justice, Corrections Branch has advised through a public notification today that Ms. Bourque “has an escalating criminal history, has offended violently against both people and animals and is considered a high risk to re-offend,” wrote the New Westminster Police Department in a statement.

In September 2009, Bourque was convicted of killing animals, causing unnecessary pain and suffering or injury to animals.

In March 2012, she was found guilty of possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, but charges of possessing child pornography were stayed. She was sentenced to one month in jail and three years of probation.

In 2013, she lost an appeal of a lifetime ban on owning animals.

Bourque is…

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