Hack of the Day: Rickrolling Applebee’s

You've been Rickrolled via Youtube

You’ve been Rickrolled via Youtube

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

In case the embed screws up, it is a post from Drew Rightenberg in the 2600, The Hacker Quarterly group on Facebook, and it says:

So Applebee’s has an app to control their in-restaurant music by bidding for songs with “credits”
The only real restriction is that your gps has to show you as inside the building
Well it turns out that these credits aren’t all that hard to get (lol), and once I found that out all it took was a mock gps location to Rick Roll the Applebees from the moment I left till the moment they closed.

Oh and they also allow a profile name and picture, which is shown on the television sets inside. This made it a lot more fun tbh

We here at The Cryptosphere Global HQ are eternal fans of the classic 4chan and Anonymous prank known as the Rickroll, and were also at the conference where this app was first presented, so we feel as if this is personal, somehow. We’ve never been to Applebee’s, but it’s hard to imagine the budget chain dining experience that couldn’t be improved by a little Rick Astley.

Nevar forget!

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