Drivers in Alberta say they faced $20 ‘toll’ after detour through First Nation

Hmmm, it looks like some of these people are not as familiar with the concept of “Private Land” as they might be in their own homes.

Here’s your pull quote:
“There’s got to be some type of illegal activity going on there,” said Buhay. “Trespassing unless we collect money? I’ve never seen that so something is up with that.”

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: A deadly collision on Highway 1 near Morley Monday forced lengthy delays, and as Jill Croteau reports, some re-routed travelers ended up facing even more road blocks.

CALGARY – A horrific crash between a minivan and a semi-trailer truck Monday afternoon claimed the life of an elderly woman and sent multiple people to hospital. The crash also closed the eastbound lanes of Highway 1 for more than eight hours, causing traffic delays for many commuters.

As drivers scrambled to get around the backed up traffic, some tried to take a shortcut through the Morley reserve, which is private land. Some drivers say they were confronted with blockades at several access points off of the highway.

“We saw the private property signs and knew it would have been a privilege and not our right to have gone across their land,” said Cori van Keulen, who tried to take the…

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  1. How many of the drivers would let people tromp through their house just because it was a shortcut? Come on folks – RAISE YOUR FREAKING HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON RAISE YOUR HAND!!!!! jerks

    Also what part of the whites took the land don’t the drivers understand??

    Want to bend some of the drivers out of shape?? Just park your car in front of their house for a few days, on public property by the way, and see how upset folks get – they call the police to have your car towed – had my van ticked 6 hours after I parked in front of one gone heads house – called the police and they said they did not do what they did – but I had the ticket and the time date stamp from the store that said the police were lying

    Yes First Nation is Private – keep out or pay up – seems simple to me


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