Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for July 14

Deepdream Lion via DeepdreamBot on Twitter

Deepdream Lion via DeepdreamBot on Twitter

Happy Tuesday, kittens! As long as this computer works, we will be here for you with link roundups and breaking hacktivism and cyberwar news. This computer, however, has been intermittently striking (in solidarity with the people of Greece? we’re not sure, it refuses to communicate with us except via ouija board with a mediator present). So, while we can be here we will. Wish us luck.

And now…the news!

Donald Trump’s diplomacy: calling the FBI on Twitter trolls (Gawker)

Download o’ the Day: Assessing The Computer Network Operation (CNO) Capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran (DanchoDanchev)

Happens every year: Privacy talk at DEF CON canceled under questionable circumstances (CSO)

Three ways to stop insider threats in your organization (HelpNet)

A Biodegradable Computer Chip That Performs Surprisingly Well (MIT)

You won’t have Hacking Team to kick around any … oh wait, you will! (TheRegister)

Transhumanist Party presidential candidate to drive ‘Immortality Bus’ across the U.S. (KurzweilAI)

El Chapo on the loose! (TheNewYorker)

To Blind Its Enemies, the U.S. Army Once Built a Giant Flashlight (WarIsBoring)

Encryption: if this is the best his opponents can do, maybe Jim Comey has a point (TheVolokhConspiracy)

How to access .onion sites (DeepDotWeb)

We must spy because of Turks, ISIS, says outgoing Cyprus spy chief (IntelNews)

ISIS is pulling straight from the playbook of Mexican drug cartels (BusinessInsider)

So the FBI is all, like, “we totes thwarted the hell out of ISIS July 4” and the press is all “So give us the details” and the FBI is all, like, “Nope.” (USAHitman)

Newsflash: Flash is corrupted AGAIN (Krebs)

I worked at #HackingTeam: my emails were leaked to WikiLeaks and I’m ok with that (Medium)

15 Amazing Ways Bitcoin Changes the Future of Monday (CoinTelegraph)

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