AnonCoders Claim to Have Hacked More Than 23,000 Twitter Accounts

AnonCoders on Facebook, Take 3

AnonCoders on Facebook, Take 3 (First two pages fell to Facebook police de-activating their admins)

So there we were, minding other peoples’ business on Facebook while everyone else in North America was at a 4th of July barbeque or still nursing a Canada Day hangover, when we got a ping from an account claiming to speak for the team of AnonCoders. And speaking words that should send a chill to the heart of any Twitter users.

“More Than 23,000 Twitter Accounts Leaked By AnonCoders Team,” they said, which is the kind of claim guaranteed to get our attention.

Oh yes? tell us more! We asked for details, but they were few in coming, besides a couple of images which we basically had to redact to the nth degree because they did indeed prove that at least these accounts have actually been hacked. We did not access all 23,000, and can only confirm that at least 26 accounts are compromised, and those people would be well-advised to change passwords and contact Twitter. That the spreadsheet has over 23,000 cells (check the numbers) is by no means proof that all of those cells are filled with information, but of course it’s possible.

AnonCoders hack of Twitter redacted

AnonCoders hack of Twitter redacted

AnonCoders hack of Twitter redacted

AnonCoders hack of Twitter redacted

Spokesman Unknown Al (Albania Attacker) replied that the information, which includes unique numeric ID, Username, authorization token and secret authorization token (but not passwords), will not actually be leaked. Only a sample was offered as proof, which isn’t quite proof of compromising 23,000 Twitter accounts.

Where’s the link to the paste? Why these particular accounts?

“We want to keep leaks private,” he told us. “We shared only the proof. For reason you can check here for what we are fighting for, to spread message that AnonCoders wrote in second photo: No System Is Safe, Nothing Is Impossible And Have Fun In Your Cyber Space xD. We Have Seen Thousands Of People That Are Brainwashed By Their Governent To Hate Islam And To Offend It.

“Most of the leaked data are anti-Muslim people and pro-Israel ones.”

Many of them are, some of them are not. Some of them are pro-Palestinian. We’re just speculating here, as journalists are never supposed to do, but it would appear from the over-representation of accounts interested in Israel, along with the fact that passwords were conspicuously missing from the leaked spreadsheet snippets but the authorization codes were visible, indicate to us that Twitter itself may not have been hacked. Instead, an app or a website relating to Israeli politics with Twitter comments enabled, might have been the actual target of the hack. It would have to be pretty popular, for 23,000 accounts to be compromised.

AnonCoders, of course, is a political hacking group with a history of of hacking Israeli sites in support of Gaza and Palestine.

“The attack was a little gift for USA. It’s 4 July.”

“Team Is The Most Important :D.”

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  1. Auth and Secret tokens are known to be shared sometimes in repos of source codes by careless programmers. There is no guarantee that all those provide full access to the account, and they are usually one revoke button away from death. If that’s the proof that they’ve breached a lot of twitter accounts, well, that’s probably not strong enough.


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