Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto #News for July 15

Password picking via the Express Tribune on Twitter

Password picking via the Express Tribune on Twitter

What day is it, kittens? That’s right: today! All day! How exciting is that? And today is the first day of the rest of my computer’s new life, courtesy of four or five ice packs which are keeping it from whatever the digital equivalent of the fainting couch is. So we won’t keep it or you too long, and get straight to the links.

Oh wait.

Got coffee?


SunnyDay Team Starts Crowdfunding Campaign To Support Solar Hackers (CleanTechnica)

From the Department of We Never Thought Anyone Would Want Them: Banks Forgot Who Was Supposed to Own Dell Shares (Bloomberg)

The never-ending Zero Day: Microsoft shuts down antimalware support for Windows XP users (Heimdal)

OK GOP Very Sorry You Misread Their Post Comparing Poors to Wild Animals (Gawker)

Want to make $3.8 million this summer? The Mexican government has a job for you (AP)

Animal rights group PETA infiltrated by mole (Bloomberg YES AGAIN THEY’RE ON A ROLL) and no, I can’t believe nobody else used that headline either.

You Probably Can’t Jailbreak This Tablet Made For America’s Prisoners (TechCrunch)

Dozens arrested in international crackdown on Darkode crime forum (ArsTechnica)

Hacking Team spyware rootkit: Even a new HARD DRIVE wouldn’t get rid of it (TheRegister)

The FBI Spent $775K on Hacking Team’s Spy Tools Since 2011 (Wired)

Barrett Brown is the Courage Foundation’s fifth beneficiary (CourageFoundation)

8 Technologies That Can Hack Into Your Offline Computer and Phone (HackRead)

Conference Junkies: WikiMania is on in Mexico (WikiMania)

Greece: ‘A Communal Society Open to Cryptocurrency’ (Cointelegraph)

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