Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for July 1

Canada Day Not In Our Name via CDHill9 on Twitter

Canada Day Not In Our Name via CDHill9 on Twitter

(Arguably Un)Happy Canada Day, kittens! How does life under the newly-enacted Bill C-51 feel? Safer? Freeer? Patrioticer? Securier? Harperier? Just gosh-darned awesomer?

Anyone? Anyone?

Huh. Guess even the crickets are offline today.

For the voiceless and the un-Canadian, we nonetheless present our daily link roundup, just in case you furriners don’t celebrate Canada Day, eschewing our glorious traditions of poutine carving, bison racing, Red River Cart origami, and consuming ubiquitous and excellent craft beer which is 9% alcohol, legally, before we’re even out of our teens.

And making jokes about the War of 1812.

Pay the Greek Bailout Debt (Indiegogo) Why not? Greece isn’t gonna!

Numbers Stations go online??? (Reddit) wat is this I can’t even. I tried. I really tried to even. It’s just too odd.

From the Department of You Could Knock Me Over With A (Bald Eagle) Feather: U.S. court rules NSA can temporarily resume bulk phone data collection (Reuters)

World of literature rocked to its very core by release of new genre of romance novel: A Confederate Flag Turned Me Gay (Amazon)

Police Surveillance Aircraft grounded by FAA; thanks for the tip, crusading journalist whose life is about to become a twisted hellscape (Medium)

Time to dust off that resume: Federal background check system shut down because of vulnerability (WaPo)

Using Google Cloud to bypass Noscript (Detectify)

The Social-Network Illusion That Tricks Your Mind: Network scientists have discovered how social networks can create the illusion that something is common when it is actually rare. (MIT)

Fake Twitter Verification Profile leads to Phishing, Credit Card Theft (Malwarebytes)

Researcher proves how easy it is to pull off homographic phishing attacks (HelpNet)

Identity protection outfit LifeLock picked, popped: Refer-a-friend page gets new ‘feature’ (TheRegister)


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