Suits and Spooks, Sexism and #Sabu: #Anonymous Panel Dis-Invites Prominent Female Speaker

Oh my. Famed Rustle League member Jaime Cochran aka AsshurtMcFags (now ACKFlags, thanks to Twitter issues) has been disinvited to speak at Suits and Spooks. Organizers claimed her presence on the panel discussion of Anonymous might create “drama.” She was the only female invited to participate in the panel, and the only trans member. Cochran may be most famous for helping World’s Most Prominent Troll weev set up a system so that he could tweet from prison.

Sabu, aka Hector X. Monsegur, the FBI informant and Most Hated Man in Anonymous, is still invited to speak, as are Cochrane’s two male peers in Rustle League, Shm00p and VizFoSho. Rustle League, remember, has spent much of its time trolling Anonymous. Instead of a diverse panel about Anonymous featuring its “leaders,” organizer Jeffrey Carr now has an all-male panel of two Rustle League trolls and one FBI informant/carder/weed dealer.

And a whole lot of drama on his hands.

The one and only Fruzsina Eördögh

In 2015, it is only a foolish man that organizes an all-male panel, rescinding a woman’s spot for fear of “drama.”

Yes, this is something akin to a call-out.

On Friday, it came to my attention hacker-troll-type Jaime “asshurtACKflags” Cochran had her speaking privileges at Suits and Spooks revoked. The organizer Jeffrey Carr changed his mind about her spot on the panel, now comprised entirely of males, because he feared potential “drama.” Carr then repeated this term in a comment on his own blog post, writing “I’m also not interested in gossip or drama around this panel.” The panel Cochran was to speak on included two other members of the same trolling crew she belonged to (Rustle League), along with the infamous FBI informant Sabu, now a pariah in the Anonymous community after radicalizing his teammates and then helping arrest them. Needless to say, gossip and drama has surrounded Sabu’s…

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