New book explores Harper’s manipulative, democracy-wrecking, thought control schemes

Interesting article on the Teflon PM: no matter how heinous and destructive his policies, and no matter how high-handed his behaviour, Stephen Harper is actually rising in the polls. Is Stephen Harper a sign of Canada’s self-hate, or something worse?

Citizen Action Monitor

“Harper’s intentions to remake Canada is based on ideology, not on solid facts or research”

No 1328 Posted by fw, May 8, 2015

Amira Elghawaby Amira Elghawaby

“[T]he genius in this tome is how carefully the author catalogues and analyzes the ways in which Harper has systematically attacked Canada’s democratic institutions and the media to bring about this drastic transformation. From avoiding the parliamentary press corps, to doing away with facts and science, to reshaping the country’s history and perceptions of itself, Bourrie chronicles just how Harper has been able to do the unimaginable — and get away with it.”Amira Elghawaby,

Although Harper has, of late, been vigorously criticized, even vilified — especially in populist books, periodicals, advocacy organizations, environmental NGOs, and think tanks, by online news sources, politically active bloggers, and sometimes even by the mainstream media — the fact remains that Harper has increased his lead…

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