Interwebbed: Cyber & Crypto News for May 8

Anonymous Crime Scene via @FriendlySmoker on Twitter

Anonymous Crime Scene via @FriendlySmoker on Twitter

Close the book on this week, she’s a goner! Only eight more measly hours until sweet, sweet freedom during which we recover spiritual and physical strength to do it all over again. Or just top up our blood alcohol levels so at least our liver gets a workout. Speaking of which, it’s time for the super-splenic link roundup for today. Adrenal glands on standby? GO!

Secret Service to double security at the White House. That’s right, they’re adding another layer of spikes to the fence. (AP)

Your Tax Dollars At Work: The FBI spent months researching the lyrics to “Louie Louie” before an agent realized they could just look up the words at the copyright office. (TechDirt)

Watch weev troll. Troll, weev, troll. Twitter, White Supremacy, ad money, and Andrew weev Auernheimer. (Storify)

Justice Department about to get all up in Baltimore PD’s business. Well, “high time” is better than never, I guess (WaPo)

Free at last! Free at last! Omar Khadr is free at last! (FreeOmar)

Conspiracy, you say? Oliver Stone sees similarities between CIA plots and the way the Kiev massacre played out. Also, probably nailing down the rights to new story, The Airport, even as we speak (RT)

Firekeepers, Datalosers: Firekeepers casino releases statement on data breach (CyberCrew)

Master of a Thousand Faces? Cat Burglar Supreme? Bank Robbing in your sleep? Money Laundering same old, same old? Time for a lateral career move: seasoned IRL criminals are increasingly turning to cybercrime because they, too, prefer not to stir from their cozy Mom’s Basement cocoons (SecurityAffairs)

The Patriot Act essentially liberated the US government from all but token obedience to the Constitution and the law. A Federal Appeals Court has just ruled that this wasn’t enough for the NSA, and has smacked them back to the stone age: NSA phone surveillance ruled illegal (CommonDreams)

How to quickly and easily front-run financial markets with nothing more complicated than your web browser (AdamMuntner)

Want to mess with facial recognition technology? Prep for the Revolution? Tired of that horse mask (it’s just SO 2013!)? Just looking for a new look? Masks galore, super-cheap. (Wintercroft)

Citizen journalists, journalists, sources, and police videos: the limits of legal protection (CJR)

“Every government employee should know you don’t use your government credit card for prostitutes,” says Senator who presumably covers this in his training materials for new team members (FortressAmerica)

Chelsea Manning, who knows from legal risks of whistleblowing, has authored a bill proposing greater protections for whistleblowers, journalists, and sources: the National Integrity and Free Speech Protection Act. (Guardian)


The fall of the British Empire: Only 22 countries have never been invaded by Britain. Seriously, UK? GREENLAND??? (Statista)

Infographic: Only 22 countries have never been invaded by Britain | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista


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