Interwebbed: Cyber & Crypto News for May 7

Tied up by Mess Sii Mania via Anonymous Art of Revolution on Facebook

Tied up by Anja Manko

It’s Threat Report Thursday (no, it’s not, but you know…keywords) so grab a cup of the stimulating beverage of your choice, batten down your hatches, hang on to your hat, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and let’s see you get anything done in that position.

To the links!

Basically the Entire Security-Industrial Complex, here for your delectation and horror, all in one easily searchable index. HBGary! Stratfor! Blackwater! The Usual Suspects! (TransparencyToolkit) (seems to be under DDoS attack now, gosh, how’d that happen?)

Canada gets its own Patriot Act. Thanks, Obama! (GlobeAndMail)

Muckrock gets to the bottom of how, exactly, the feds feel about the famous game of “Spot the Fed” at Defcon. And a great deal more. (Muckrock)

Department of Justice subpoena’d Barrett Brown’s legal defence fund, and WePay didn’t bother notifying Barrett Brown or his lawyers. This has some pretty scary implications for future legal defence funds, and may have been intended to force Brown to give up on hiring private lawyers and rely instead on government-provided public defenders. (FreeBarrettBrown)

Lenovo. Still sucking at security (HelpNet)

Hacked Guild Wars 2? On the one hand, you get godlike powers for all your characters, right up until they catch you. On the other, when they do, they will force each and every one of your characters to strip to the chonies and die a gruesome death in front of a cheering mob of your victims. (Kotaku)

Edward Snowden and unintended consequences. Will knowing, inescapably knowing, we are all always under surveillance in and of itself make us more likely to comply with the real or imagined wishes of the government? (HAX)

The police lieutenant charged with manslaughter in the Freddie Gray case has twice had guns confiscated, and threatened murder and suicide involving the husband of his ex-girlfriend. Bets on whether it’ll be ruled admissible in court? (Guardian)

How’d the police get all that intel on the protesters in Baltimore? Eyes in the sky: one Cessna, one other, both registered to a private company. And the ACLU is not too pleased about it, either. (WaPo)

Do your ears prick up at the words “Rogue Masonic Police Force Linked to Governor’s Office?” Well, this is your lucky day. (Gawker)

Did you find one BILLion dollars? If so, Europe’s poorest country would like it back: that’s 1/8th the GDP. (GlobalPost)

Torture is a terrorist act, and knowing this gives the Russians an advantage. Refusing to acknowledge it puts the CIA, who also torture people, at a strategic disadvantage (WarIsBoring)

Remember when insanely popular music site Grooveshark died, then came back again? Well, some bad news about that… (Torrentfreak)

If you’re depending on your cellphone carrier to be your last line of defence, well, some bad news about that. Duh. (TechWorm)

After 56 years on the lam, that guy from the Shawshank Redemption was just recaptured. (Brevard County Sheriff’s Office via Fedbook)

Wasn’t this a Stephen King movie? The first driverless 18 wheelers are hitting the road. Hopefully not anything else. (ITWorld)

To you, it’s just a cluttered entertainment system, a crowded kitchen counter. To these guys, it’s the greatest Bitcoin mining scheme the world has ever seen (TheRegister)

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  1. Image that you used in this post is made by Anja Matko and it’s called Unbreakable. If you “borrow” images like this please make sure that you write the real author….


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