The War Against ISIS

A very thorough analysis of the war against ISIS, specifically on the social media front. In part because of false flag operations by the Israelis and others, the West has been paving the way for ISIS’s highly effective leveraging of social media. There are a lot of facepalms going on in national capitals across the West as they begin to realize this.

madeleine serkissian

Social media has evolved and come to be used in many different ways, from where to speak out your beliefs, to what clothes are the best, to even finding a significant other.  Because of this, it is just as fitting for organizations such as ISIS to also use social media to spread a message and show how they are terrorizing the world.  In this respect, it is also only fitting that ISIS was birthed out of anger towards the West for the photographs of their people being tortured.  ISIS, swearing to bring terror down on the West, specifically the United States and anyone who stands with them, uses social media in a way that no other group like them has used before.  The group has created a brand for itself, which, like most brands, people buy into.  This brand explains that the Middle East should regress to a time before…

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