Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for April 10

Toronto Police support the International Day Of Pink to Stop Bullying. via Ryan Willmer on Twitter

Toronto Police support the International Day Of Pink to Stop Bullying. via Ryan Willmer on Twitter

Hair hacking, anti-bullying, proponents of pink; yeah, we’re not talking about American cops today. Toronto Police officer Luke Watson went pink to support the annual Day of Pink to stop bullying; his colleague Ryan Willmer tweeted the picture, along with the challenge: if it gets 1000 rt’s, the hair stays for at least a week. We’re up to 5392, so who knows? They may have to alter the dress code; looks like it’s staying awhile.

International Day of Pink began in 2007 as Pink Shirt Day, and has strong support across Canada and is spreading across the globe. It was born in Halifax, when two high school students noticed a third, who was gay, being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. They then brought 50 pink shirts to school and distributed them among the student body, and encouraged everyone to wear pink, effectively shaming the bullies and empowering the bullied student. While there is a broad anti-bullying message behind the event, the specific impetus and focus is on opposing homophobic and transphobic bullying. The UN has designated May 4 as Pink Shirt Day in its member-states, but in Canada it is still celebrated on the second Wednesday in April.

That has been your Canadian Culture lesson for the day. Now, to the news links!

Anonymous hacks the Chinese Government to support the Umbrella Revolution (HackRead)

Get Postcode Profiled (GlobalNews)

Activists on Fast Track to #StopFastTrack (FifthColumnNews)

Hacking Hollywood with Edward Snowden (Medium)

Who wants $24,000 to play a government official? Also: Waste? What waste? (PhaseZero)

Twitter Suspends 10,000 ISIS Accounts (NYT)

Three highly depressing charts on the extent of global wealth inequality (i100)

*FACEPALM* Hacked French network exposed its own passwords during TV interview (ArsTechnica)

The Most Feared Cyberwar Weapon On Earth: China’s Great Cannon (Citizenlab)

Wasn’t this on Scorpion? Hacking Planes from Air Traffic Control (SkyNews)

Police asked telcos for client data in over 80% of criminal probes (CBC)

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