The Peshmerga Enter the Propaganda Video Wars

Peshmerga propaganda painting

Peshmerga propaganda painting via شوشو به‌رواری ‏@shoshobarwari1 on Twitter

Social media: it’s the latest front in war, whether it’s Congress claiming they’ll meme ISIS back to the Stone Age or the Kurdish fighting force called the Peshmerga taking to Vimeo to do some cheerleading for the boys (and girls!) on the front lines.

Actually, this is a pretty cool little video. Created by Box Company, a Kurdish commercial production company, it’s a very rah-rah PSA basically reminding fighters to wear their helmets. According to reporters in the field, the Peshmerga fighters in Syria are largely bare-headed, although it is unclear if it’s from pride, from the inconvenience of the helmets, or from short supply.

Whether or not helmets are in short supply, it’s clear from the effects that there is no rationing of Final Cut Pro in Kurdistan.

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