Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for Jan 9

Network by  Lisa Ouellette

Network by Lisa Ouellette

TG to the IF, kittens! We made it through the first full week of 2015 and so far, so … so … so much like last year, actually.

It gets better, right? It gets better! That’s what the Youtube videos say anyway.

Let’s power or drift through the next few hours until that golden moment when the sun sinks below the yardarm and you hear the first delightful clink of ice in the Martini pitcher. Pour yourself a Venti of something less stimulating for now, and settle in with our link roundup for today.

Sucuri firm discovered Backdoors relying on the Pastebin Service (SecurityAffairs)

The EFF Mobile News App Is Here (EFF)

Hold ‘Em Hackers Create The Perfect Player Program (UniversityOfAlberta)

The Journalists (including citizen journalists) Who Died Doing Their Jobs in 2014 (Newsweek)

Reporters Without Borders award Raif Badawi the Netizen Prize for 2014 (GlobalMinoritiesAlliance)

Raif Badawi sentenced to 1000 lashes (Mashable)

Anonymous to be outlawed in Oklahoma? (IfOnlyYouNews)

Political Prisoners in the Sacrifice Zone of Empire: The Cases of Mumia Abu-Jamal and Jeremy Hammond (CounterPunch)

People Around the World Are Voluntarily Submitting to China’s Great Firewall. Why? (Slate)

State of the Internet: Attack traffic, DDoS, IPv4 and IPv6 (HelpNet)

US kills EU watchdog’s probe into EU cops sharing EU citizens’ data (TheRegister)

‘Pop-up’ fabrication technique trumps 3D printing (KurzweilAI)

Boston Bombing Jury Is Already Biased (BloombergView)

We’re gonna need more chainsaws: What to Eat After the Apocalypse; how to feed 7 billion people after a global catastrophe (Nautilus)

Italian Police Would Like A Word With Credit Suisse (Dealbreaker)

Can DNA Nanobots Successfully Treat Cancer Patients? First Human Trial Soon (SingularityHub)


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