Military intelligence warns of terrorists harassing Canadian Forces personnel, families online

Of course, the definition of “terrorist” is fluid here. Remember, Facebook refuses to take the official ISIS page offline.

Ottawa Citizen

A secret military intelligence report has warned of an “emerging trend” in which terrorist groups use social media to harass the family and friends of Canadian military personnel.

The Department of National Defence is refusing to say how prevalent the problem is. However, the report emerges amid growing concerns about the safety of military personnel in Canada and other western countries at a time when personal information is readily accessible online.

Just this weekend, for example, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) sparked anger and horror after publishing the names, addresses and photographs of 100 American military members over the weekend, urging supporters to kill them.

ISIL has claimed the information used to make the hit list was stolen from U.S. government computers, but some analysts say the data was already publicly available online and probably culled and compiled by the militant group’s propagandists.

The Canadian military intelligence…

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