Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for March 18

Peeling Paint on War Plane by Darren Hester on Flickr

Peeling Paint on War Plane by Darren Hester on Flickr

Holy hangovers, Batman! More than a few Cyberwar Superheroes will be laying low today, methinks, having lost a battle with the dread green kryptonite of Shamrock Shake Jamesons Shooters a mere few hours ago. The taste of regret is bittersweet…and a little bit metallic.

Peel yourselves out of whatever bunker you ended up staggering into last night. Locate, if you can, your clothing, and restore it to your person.  Bisect an orange with your machete and suck on that puppy like your life depended on it. Now toss back a 16 ouncer of wholesome, delicious java and get ready to face the future.


[BITCOIN HEIST?] Evolution Darknet market goes offline (CyberWarZone)

Free Internet Provider Outernet Launching Its Own Satellites (FossBytes)

Chris Hedges on C-51: They have won, and it is up to us (Rabble)

Researchers find same RSA encryption key used 28,000 times (ITWorld)

Support plummets for Canada’s Bill C-51 (Vice)

Facebook doubles down on support for ISIS (Facebook)

Coinapult Claims $40k Lost in Hot Wallet Compromise (CoinDesk)

You stay classy, NYPD: New York City Police Department Auxiliary Officer Charged With Hacking Into NYPD Computer And FBI Database (JusticeDept)

The Orwellian rebranding of mass surveillance as merely “Bulk Collection” (TheIntercept)

How many more? CPJ remembers journalists killed covering Syria (Storify)

Snowden ‘changed nothing’ says Norway’s top spy, ‘business as usual’ (RT)

Facebook banned, then unbanned Anonymous group Cyberbrain (CounterCurrentNews)

Government drops spy charges against National Weather Service employee (TheVane)

Mars One is broke, scrambling, venal, impossible (Medium)

So, is SAP rooted by the NSA or not? (Re/Code)

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