Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for March 11

au cyber cafe by Mike Licht on Flickr

au cyber cafe by Mike Licht on Flickr

Oh man, I’d hang out at cafes a lot more if I could get Absinthe there. I don’t even like Absinthe, I just like the idea I could get it if I wanted to. If what I really wanted was a weedy hipster, I’d be all set, but alas it is not. God, I need a drink.

Welcome to Wednesday, kittens! It’s going to be Wednesday all day, so here are some links to pass the time and get you that much closer to Thursday or, as we call it at Cryptosphere Global HQ, Weekend’s Eve.

I Spy: the CIA Campaign to Steal Apple’s Secrets (TheIntercept)

No, the CIA Isn’t Stealing Apple’s Secrets (ErrataSec)

America dumbs down: Has the most powerful nation on Earth lost its mind? (Macleans)

Ferguson’s Chief Executive Resigns (Gawker)

Attackers steal €9m of jewels in French motorway heist (Guardian)

Media Hacking (Medium)

Things That Exist: The Polar Bear Prison in Canada’s Far North (NowIKnow)

Team Hans Tangodowns Rogers Communication (Softpedia)

Holy Zuck! Facebook fraud suspect VANISHES; if only there were a global social network where his days could be tracked! (TheRegister)

Hack yourself first: How we can take the fight to the black hats (HelpNet)

Dirtboxes On A Plane: CIA Aided Program to Spy on U.S. Cellphones (WSJ)

This Is Totally A Thing: The CIA Has Been Trying for Years To Hack Your iPhone (DefenseOne)

Wikipedia sues the NSA (NYT)

A Peshmerga Fighter’s Tale of Survival (WarIsBoring)

Microsoft fixes Stuxnet; ten years too late (Krebs)

Hillary: Just Trust Me on This One CC NSA BVI (TheAtlantic)


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