Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for March 10

Anonymous with Hat  by Jacob Davis on Flickr

Anonymous with Hat by Jacob Davis on Flickr

Psssst. Hey. Hey. You awake? That’s what a lot of activists would like to ask you and billions of other people today. We’re here with our mumbo-jumbo-destroying roundup of the top actual news in cyberwar, hacktivism, and related fields. Let’s let the InfoWars and Chemtrails people fight things out between and amongst themselves while we get on with our respective days containing neither mumbo nor jumbo. Hopefully today contains at least one piece of good news, if only that your workplace and peers are not mentioned in the news headlines on a cyberwar and hacktivism site, which is rarely if ever a good thing.

To the links!

The CIA’s torturers and the leaders who approved their actions must face the law – Chelsea Manning (Guardian)

Will Mexico’s Oil Give the U.S. Another Excuse for Covert Intervention? (WhoWhatWhy)

10 Female Revolutionaries That You Probably Didn’t Learn About In History class (FilmsForAction)

Sue Crabtree Needs Your Help (YouCaring)

After Arab Spring, Surveillance in Egypt Intensifies (TheIntercept)

My ISIS Boyfriend: A reporter’s undercover life with a terrorist (NYPost)

Curious Case of M. Yousefi: How Iran Traps its Facebook users with “Black Spider” Program (HackRead)

DDoS attack takes down on International Women’s Day (SCMagazine)

War Apps Have Unique Security Challenges (C4ISR)

Your Bitcoin Debit Card Options (DeepDotWeb)

The most wanted piece of malware which is capable of stealing MILLIONS (CyberWarZone)

Oopsie: Huffington Post reporter subpoenaed by Michigan attorney general (WaPo)

Boko Haram and ISIS are Twitter Besties (Insite)

The Japanese Military Is Building a Robotic Exoskeleton (WarIsBoring)

AAFES Confirms Data Breach of US Military Customers’ Info in Germany (Military)

Feds Indict Three in 2011 Epsilon Hack (Krebs)

Judge Who Went For A Li’l Joy Ride In Accused Insider Trader’s Seized Porsche Not Off The Hook Just Yet (Dealbreaker)

Tech Utopia: Death is Over (Edge)

Is Gerry Adams a Murderer? (NewYorker)

The Greek government is calling for a radical new ‘basic income’ welfare policy (BusinessInsider)

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