Listen: AnonUKRadio Featuring Lauri Love and Tor Ekeland

Anonymous Green Man via Siraj Solution on Twitter

Anonymous Green Man via Siraj Solution on Twitter

This past Sunday we were (I was) delighted to be back on my favorite internet radio station, AnonUKRadio, and chewing the fat and the lean with some of my favourite people. There’s just no way NOT to have a good interview when you have the criminally quotable Tor Ekeland (who is Matt DeHart’s lawyer) and loosest of loose cannons Lauri Love participating. Our hosts were Topman, g3arh3ad, and StlGal. And then there was me, being my typical shrinking violet and fantasizing about getting Adrian Lamo to review Sabu’s review of CSI: Cyber. And other such nonsense.

In reality, we mostly discussed the Matt DeHart case and some of the more recent operations, arrests, and crusades in Anonymous, as you might expect. Enjoy!

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