The Oscars, Academy Awards, Hollywood Heroism: From ‘Citizen-four’ and ‘Selma’ to ‘American Sniper’; Martin Luther King, Edward Snowden and Chris Kyle and America’s Addiction to Violence.

I may not agree with all the points here, but it’s a very important discussion and this is the exact best moment to be having it. What are your thoughts?


The United States’ addiction to violence is partly evident in the heroes it chooses to glorify. Within the last few months, three films appeared that offer role models, however flawed, to young people while legitimating particular notions of civic courage, patriotism and a broader understanding of injustice. I am less concerned in this inquiry with the historical accuracy or artistic merits of the films than with the identifications they mobilize and the narratives they unfold about valor – still a solely masculine trait in Hollywood.

Citizenfour is a deeply moving film about former NSA intelligence analyst and whistleblower Edward Snowden and his admirable willingness to sacrifice his life in order to reveal the dangerous workings of an authoritarian surveillance state. It also points to the courageous role of journalists such as Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Julian Assange. These are the brave journalists and cultural workers who occupy the alternative…

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