Interwebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Feb 23

Godzilla Gorilla Gif via Godzilla Haiku on Tumblr

Godzilla vs Gorilla unsuccessful attack via Godzilla Haiku on Tumblr

Today our Featured Image is a metaphor for the indomitable human spirit, or maybe just a tribute to your liver’s ability to come back every Monday, despite what you spent all weekend doing to the poor damn thing.

Now that we know your liver made it, let’s send some luv your brain’s way with the best cyberwar and hacktivism news link roundup on the interwebs.

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Citizenfour wins the Oscar (ACLU)

Is Your Metadata Tattling On You? Find Out Here (by sharing your metadata and pix with a site run by strangers, catering to hackers) (HackingTutorial)

Chicago Suburban Cops Paid $500 Cryptoware Ransom to Hackers (ChicagoTrib)

A Canadian supporter of Islamic State in his own words (TorStar)

Azeri and Turkish Men in Miniskirts Protest the Murder and Attempted Rape of Ozgecan Aslan (BBC)

Lorax Returns to Court March 3 (FreeAnons)

Lessons from the American Sniper Stans (Salon)

Dad of the year hires hit man to kill two little girls he raped at his daughter’s slumber party (WaPo)

Destroyed by the Espionage Act (TheIntercept)

Hello Barbie: Hang on, this Wi-Fi doll records your child’s voice? (TheRegister)

True Crime: When Literary Criticism and Detective Work Collide (TheNewYorker)

Biology is Technology — DARPA is Back in the Game With A Big Vision and It Is H+ (Humanity+)

What Silicon Valley Thinks of Women (Newsweek)

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